I'm a freelance motion designer based in Los Angeles.

Motion Reel

Trixie Mattel

Tour Announce

Conceived, pitched, co-wrote, edited, composed & animated this trailer.

The goal was to match the style and tone of Trixie's tv show "Uhnnnn" which seems to have worked, as seen in the extremely positive YouTube comments.


Culture Reel

Edited best-of-the-year footage for the NYC ad agency Barbarian. Also crafted the sound design, meticulously editing the AI voiceover track to get the best performance possible.

Animations & Edits for Socials

Made many variations of these American Express spots for their Spring 2023 campaigns.

Thirst Mutilator Hop Water

MoPop Festival

Bianca Del Rio

Hangout Festival

Maggie Rogers

Faith Hill & Tim McGraw

Animated Key Art

Father John Misty

Started with a giant hand-drawn poster — like a psychedelic Where's Waldo collage. 

Carefully masked out every character, painted in the background & brought it to life. Start to finish in two work days.

The Rolling Stones

Worked with an illustrator to create this custom animation for their concert.